Frequently asked questions

Q. What is UMUN?
A. Uppsala Model United Nations is a UN-simulation gathering university students in Uppsala for a four day conference between April 11th and 14th. During the days participants will partake in UN-simulations, and during the evenings they have a chance to socialize and take part of the Uppsala student life "studentliv".


Q. Who can apply as a participant?
A. Everyone who is over the age of 18 and attending a University is eligible to apply. 


Q. It says "apply to UMUN", does this mean there is a selection process?
A. Everyone who wants to participate in UMUN will get to participate, if they meet the criteria mentioned above (Age 18 and University Student). You can consider filling out the application as signing up for UMUN rather than applying!


Q. Do I need any prior experience of Model United Nations to participate?
A. No, we have committees for all levels of experience and you will be introduced to how it works, both through reading materials and on the first day of the conference.


Q. Who can participate as a volunteer?
A. Everyone above the age of 15, attending high-school or university is welcome to apply as a volunteer.


Q. I have a seminar during the conference or other appointment making it impossible for me to attend every negotiating session, can I still participate?
A. Of course, we encourage everyone to participate throughout the entire conference, but if you need to one committee session that is no problem. The social events are also voluntary, but highly recommended.